February 1, 2013

Dear Friend in Christ,

My name is Mitch Todd.  I'm a United Methodist pastor in Lawrence, Kansas. 

As we begin a new semester in our churches, I know this is the time of year when many of us are looking for new small groups and book studies, so I wanted to suggest a possibility for you to consider.

My mother, Judy Mitchell Rich (a Presbyterian pastor) has written and published a book called Like Sheep, and I wanted to let you know about it. 

Like Sheep is the story of a young female pastor called to serve a rural Kansas church in 1985.  What she discovers is a mystery -- someone is harassing the members of the church, bringing it to the brink of closing. 

The book is a "who-dunnit" set in the context of the Church.  I'm obviously biased, but I wanted you to know about the book, because I think it's great.  The book covers such questions as “What makes a group of people a church?”  “How can people name evil and respond to it without starting a witch hunt?” and “What ways might unresolved grief affect a person?” 

This book is entertaining and fast-paced, and would make for great conversations as a book study.

I have written an 11-part discussion guide that will lead groups through the book at whatever pace you choose.

order book at:

If you're looking for something engaging and a little different, this may be right up your alley.


Rev. Mitch Todd



Judy rich
02/02/2013 2:34pm

Thanks, Mitch

Doris Estes
07/12/2013 4:15pm

Judy, I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your book Like Sheep. I also thought you did a good job in the pulpit last week.
You were very important to me when I first started attending First Athens. Our little study group was just the thing that I needed. Thank you,

07/12/2013 5:11pm

Thanks, Doris. I'm glad you liked the book.
It was great to worship with you all last Sunday - fond memories that go way way back. !!!

05/18/2014 8:01am

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12/19/2015 7:16pm

What she discovers is a mystery, someone is harassing the members of the church, bringing it to the brink of closing.

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    The Rev. Dr. Judy Mitchell Rich lives outside of Athens, Alabama, in the country where she enjoys the stream behind her house and the wooded area which houses wild turkeys, deer, and many birds.
    She is a graduate of Fairborn High School in Ohio; Muskingum College;  McCormick Seminary. If you're into letters after names, hers would be
    : B.A., M.A., M.Div. and D.Min.

    She is an ordained Presbyterian USA pastor and has served as an Associate Pastor, Interim Pastor and Solo Pastor
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    Honorably Retired 2008

    Favorite activities include writing, reading mysteries, Pilates classes,   playing with clay and laughing with her friends and two sons, four sisters, one brother and their families.

    She published Like Sheep in September of 2012 and the second in the series Like A Fox in March of 2014. Like a Fig Tree was published September, 2015.

    Easter, 2006. Westminster Presbyterian Church. Piqua, Ohio. Photo by Sue Dougherty.


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